Honda Transmission Service in Gresham

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Get Transmission Help Gresham

If you’re driving a Honda, you value durability and reliability. At Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda, we know how concerning it is to be without your vehicle. Being that transmission issues are completely unexpected, this can put you in a real bind. Although Honda vehicles are dependable and long-lasting, they still require proper maintenance, and one of those things is transmission service. Luckily, you can get your transmission serviced today at Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda!

Why Schedule Honda Transmission Service?

Once the oil in your Honda is used, it starts to deteriorate. Factors such as moisture, heat, and friction can cause the oil in your vehicle to work inefficiently. If your transmission is left inactive for too long, it will begin to break down altogether. Your Honda transmission can only take so much until it begins to perform improperly. If this happens to your Honda, you’ll start to feel unordinary conditions when driving, such as slipping gears, shift flares, or a failed transmission. Getting your Honda transmission serviced can help stop these failing conditions, even before they happen!

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Signs That You Need Transmission Service

  • Transmission fluid odor
  • Transmission fluid appears milky
  • Transmission fluid is dark brown on the dipstick
  • 30,000 miles since your last Honda transmission service (urgent conditions)
  • 90,000 miles since your last Honda transmission service (normal conditions)

Honda Transmission Repair In Gresham

At Ron Tonkin Gresham Honda, we’re passionate about returning your vehicle to the best shape possible. We also regularly offer updated service specials to further accommodate you and your automotive budget. Whether you need new Honda transmission fluid, filter replacement, or anything else transmission-related, the service experts at our Honda Service Center in Troutdale have got you covered. Schedule your transmission service today, and get your Honda running in top shape again.