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When Should You Replace Your Honda Windshield Wipers?

Wiper blades are a low-cost item to replace, yet they frequently get neglected in routine car maintenance. As they deteriorate, they can impair your driving capabilities and safety, particularly during heavy rain. The gradual fading of wiper blades might not immediately signal the need for replacement. Considering this, what are the indicators that it’s time to change your wiper blades?

It’s advisable to change your wiper blades every six months, particularly if you reside in an area prone to frequent rain. Should your blades fail to clear water, dirt, or residue completely from the windshield, it indicates they’re not functioning optimally. Moreover, if they exhibit any wobbling or produce a screeching sound instead of smoothly moving across the windshield, it’s a sign that you need a new set.

How to Change Windshield Wipers on Your Honda

We suggest visiting our Honda service center in Gresham for checking, buying, and fitting new windshield wipers. Often, the base of the wiper arm is positioned under the hood’s edge, making it difficult to lift away from the car. However, if you prefer handling things yourself, here are a few straightforward steps you can follow:

  1. For an easier wiper blade replacement, start by turning on your vehicle’s ignition and activating the wipers briefly. As they move across the windshield, switch off the ignition abruptly, halting them mid-swipe. This should allow you to lift the wiper arms up from the windshield, giving better access to the blades.
  2. Find the release tab or button where the blade connects to the arm and press or release it. You can then gently slide the blade off the arm. Most wipers are secured with a hook-shaped mechanism, while newer models often have a simple adapter system.
  3. After removing the old blade, slide the new one onto the arm until you hear a click, or secure the release tab if needed. Lower the wiper back onto the windshield and turn on the ignition to return the blade to its resting position.
  4. Remember, replacing wiper blades is usually straightforward, but never force parts to move or detach. If you encounter any difficulty, it’s wise to consult a local mechanic for assistance.

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