Five Signs Your Honda Needs Servicing

July 18th, 2023 by

Getting your Honda serviced regularly is an essential part of keeping your car running as long as possible. Many minor problems can become significant if they are not addressed early on. Do you have questions about when your Honda needs to visit our Gresham Service Center? Take a look at this list of different things you should be looking out for when you need a service.

Are You Forgetting to Get Regular Oil Changes?

When you use conventional oil, you should get your oil serviced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles; depending on your driving, that is about 3 to 5 months. Vehicles that use synthetic oil should get their Honda oil serviced every 7,500 to 10,000 miles or about 7 to 10 months. Other factors that can affect when you need an oil change can include driving in inclement weather such as extreme heat or cold, bad driving habits, and if you deal with constant stop-and-go traffic. Keep up with your Honda oil changes, so your engine stays lubricated and healthy. Old oil will heat your engine and eventually prevent it from working properly. Please give our Honda Service Center in Gresham a visit for your next oil change!

When to Get Your Brakes Serviced

Brakes are crucial for keeping your driving safe; you don’t have to wait until something goes wrong to get them checked out. Getting our Honda technicians to service your brakes once every 12 months will keep your brakes lasting longer, cut down on service costs, and give you the confidence that your brakes will not fail. Our Honda technicians will provide your brakes with regular inspection, cleaning, and lubrication when you get your brakes serviced. An important part of brake service is also checking the brake pads. Brake pads see a lot of wear and tear because they are an essential part of slowing down your car. Schedule your next service at Tonkin Gresham Honda so we can give you some peace of mind!

Do You See a Tire Pressure Warning Light?

If you own a car that was made after 2008, you likely have a tire pressure warning light in your vehicle. It will look like a “horseshoe” shaped light with the exclamation point in the middle. First, you should troubleshoot yourself and add air to your tires. You can find what PSI your tires need to be at on the inside of the driver’s door. If you find yourself doing this pretty frequently, you can have a slow leak in your tires, and you need to get your tires serviced. Our Honda technicians can identify the leak and either patch it up or recommend getting a new tire, depending on the damage.

Are There Irregular Vibrations & Steering Issues?

A dangerous and telltale sign that you need to get service immediately is if you start to experience irregular vibrations or “pulling” from your steering wheel. There could be numerous reasons why these problems occur: misaligned tires, improper inflation, worn suspension parts, and even more. It’s best to get this problem identified as soon as possible because once your car is at this point, it is only a matter of when something wrong will happen. Our certified technicians are more than prepared for any problem your vehicle has. Whether your Honda needs a tire rotation, tire alignment, or new Honda parts, you can feel confident that your car will leave our lot like it’s brand-new!

When to Replace My Car Battery?

If your engine does a lot of cranking before it starts, or if your car engine is cranking but is not starting, in most cases, these are battery problems. It’s best to get your battery replaced as soon as possible to avoid being stranded when your battery inevitably dies for good. Your car battery is an integral part of your car; not only does it start your engine, but it powers many things in the car like your lights, radio, GPS, AC, and more. It is good practice to have your technician check your battery when you get an oil change; it could help you save some time. Our Technicians at Honda are ready to review your battery and get it replaced with ease!

Schedule Honda Service in Gresham

At Tonkin Gresham Honda, we are dedicated to keeping your Honda on the roads for countless years to come. We are proud to offer affordable services and parts with our fantastic service & parts specials, so you get quality care at competitive prices. If you can’t afford to pay for your service in one go, we make our services even more accessible with service financing, and this will let you pay for your services over time. Schedule your next service with us today!

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