Maintaining A Used Vehicle

July 18th, 2023 by

Keeping your used Honda running like new is easy when you follow a maintenance schedule. Knowing when and where to go for servicing is simple, and there is no better place than Tonkin Gresham Honda’s service department! Providing their expertise and care for your used vehicle, the technicians at Tonkin Gresham are the best for the job!

3,000 Miles Maintenance

For every 3,000 miles you get out of your car, change out its oil and check the oil filter, so it can continue to run smoothly in any conditions! In addition, you’ll want to inspect your car’s antifreeze and coolant levels, tire pressure, belts and hoses, and the air filter.

5,000 Miles Maintenance

Once you’ve reached 5,000 miles, you’ll want to ensure that your tires continue to wear evenly, and a quick tire rotation will do the job. Also, reinspect your air filter and replace it if needed; you’ll breathe nice and easy!

30,000 Miles Maintenance

Whenever your car hits 30,000 miles, there are several new tasks you will want to implement into your maintenance routine! At this point, you will want to replace all of your filters to be safe and complete the following:

  • Check the spark plugs
  • Change transmission fluid
  • Clean the throttle body
  • Replace PCV valve

60,000+ Miles Maintenance

At 60,000 miles, you will want to do all of the previous service tasks, such as brake and drive belt accessory inspections and timing belt replacement. As you continue to hit mileage milestones, here are some essential servicing to include:

  • 80,000 miles: Inspect the U-joints
  • 100,000 miles: Replace rear axle lubricant and oxygen sensors
  • 150,000 miles: Do a complete and extensive inspection of your used vehicle, including all maintenance tasks.

Six Month Service Check

Wax your used vehicle every six months to prevent rusting, and extensively inspect the exhaust system. In addition, you should have a technician do a battery performance examination and recheck your power steering fluid level.

Yearly Service Check

Annually replace all air filters to ensure that you and your passengers breathe fresh air. You will also need to flush out the entirety of your car’s cooling system and inspect the brakes, shocks, and struts.

Expert Car Servicing at Tonkin Gresham

Keeping track of your car’s maintenance routine should not be overwhelming, and luckily the technicians at Tonkin Gresham have you covered! We offer all the services your vehicle needs to stay in peak condition, from oil changes to tire rotations to brake service. We are proud to serve the communities around Gresham, Portland, and Troutdale and provide service parts and specials at unbeatable prices! Schedule an appointment online or contact us whenever your used car is due for its next check-up!

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