The Importance Of Changing Your Oil In Your Honda

July 18th, 2023 by

Honda vehicles are renowned for their reliability and longevity, and the best way to keep your Honda running at peak performance is to routinely get your oil changed. Routine maintenance is a necessity of keeping any machine running optimally, and a car is no different. At Tonkin Gresham Honda, our exceptional service department can help you with your next Honda service or Honda oil change.

Why is an Oil Change so Important?

According to a recent study by the Car Care Council, it was revealed that 22% of all vehicles have low or dirty engine oil. This is alarming because one in every five drivers could find themselves paying thousands of dollars for repairs when their engine malfunctions when this issue is entirely preventable by just paying a fraction of that once a year. Having your oil changed not only improves your gas mileage giving you even greater savings, but it also increases your vehicle’s lifespan and prevents your vehicle from overheating.

How to Tell if it’s Time for an Oil Change

● Check Engine/Oil Change Light – if this light comes on, it means your vehicle is detecting low oil pressure, meaning you either have an oil leak, low oil, or dirty oil.

● Smell Check – If you can smell your oil from the cabin of your vehicle, this most likely means there is a leak, and you should get this checked as soon as possible.

● Visual Check – Check your oil with a dipstick, if it looks dark brown or black, the oil is dirty and needs to be changed.

● Audio Check – If you notice your Honda vehicle making a ticking noise as you start your engine or the engine sounds off in general, this could mean your engine oil texture is off and requires a Honda service.

Get It Serviced At Tonkin Gresham Honda

When looking for a Honda Oil Change near the areas of Gresham, Portland, or Troutdale, or even any other form of Honda Service, the highly trained team of experts at Tonkin Gresham Honda will help you every step of the way. Also, check our service and parts specials to save on your next appointment. Come see us at our Honda dealership in Gresham, OR, to schedule an appointment today!

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